Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel

Skillset is building a small scale biodiesel plant at the Flannery Centre to investigate the potential impact of biofuels in the region.

As part of our research and development agenda, Skillset is examining energy security - particularly for the agriculture sector which relies heavily on diesel. Australia imports around half its diesel and essentially all of it comes from non-renewable fossil oil fields. The reality of peak oil, or simply rapid price spikes like that of 2008, has a significant impact on the viability of regional Australia.

Click here to view the report on biodiesel prepared by a sub-group of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

Through the Flannery Centre, we hope to provide the opportunity for visitors to watch the process of seeds being turned into biodiesel. We will also run a short course where participants will be able to learn details about the process and make some of their own biodiesel.

The broader project examines whether the tractors of the district can be run on fuel produced from ‘waste’ products such as grape seed which do not impact negatively on the production of food.