A number of larger companies in western NSW offer cadetships in conjunction with Skillset.

These usually take the form of a scholarship to assist you whilst you are studying at university plus a work placement program whilst you are on Uni holidays.

Once you've completed your degree you may be offered a job with the company that has provided the cadetship.

Cadetships are usually offered to year 12 students before they go to University and are conditional on the student getting their predicted ATAR and gaining admission to the relevant course.

Cadetships are highly sought after because they offer generous financial support and a career pathway.
They are most commonly available in professional skills shortage areas such as Mining Engineers, Water Engineers and Electrical Engineers.

Cadetships will be advertised on this page when they become available. If you are planning a career as an Engineer you can register your interest in advance by
emailing us. We will then contact you and invite you for a background interview.