Company Overview

Company Overview

Skillset was established to run group apprenticeship and training programs.
We exist so that the communities we serve have the skills they need for the future, making businesses more successful and strengthening community sustainability.

We aim to build the regional skill base through high completion rates in skills shortage trades, creating a number of value added services for businesses that facilitate this.

Our aim is to make businesses more successful by focusing on a workforce development approach, achieving optimal skill deployment and by fostering a learning culture.

We aim to be at the centre of the region’s response to the global issues that affect us.
our sustainability initiatives seek to enhance the resilience of the regional economy so that communities are equipped to respond to environmental change. We offer programs that
assist businesses adapt to new ways of working and help individuals adapt to more sustainable ways of living.

We’ve been around for over 30 years now and by striving for best practice we are recognised internationally as an industry leader in our sector. the key to our success is to provide
our staff with an enjoyable, rewarding and supportive work environment so that our customers receive the highest levels of service and satisfaction.

We are here to provide this generation and the next with skillsets for a positive future.