Developing the Plan

Developing the Plan

Planning a positive future for your business

Skillset established the Workforce Development Team to help organisations consider ways to build, consolidate and maintain an effective team.

Your Workforce Development Consultant is available to provide a free, no obligation scan of your organisation.

The process begins with an online questionnaire that helps us to understand the key elements of your business and the market you are in. This is followed by a series of short interviews between your Workforce Development Consultant and your key stakeholders.

Through this process, you can expect to identify opportunities to energise your business by considering:

The Current Picture

  • Understand current workforce issues
  • Understand your market place/position


  • Developing your skills matrix – gap analysis
  • Benefits of Fostering a learning culture
  • Identify funding opportunities for training and development
  • Check Eligibility

Succession Planning

  • Developing structured succession planning
  • Creating targeted development plans
  • Building a multi-skilled and responsive workforce


  • Improving workforce retention
  • Current staff turnover levels
  • Identifying recruitment and selection strategies
  • Past recruitment issues


  • Discussing Sustainability – future proofing your business
  • Your business’ environmental footprint
  • Considering your long term planning
  • Understanding the staff retirement outlook
  • Understanding the growth outlook
  • Implementing effective workforce planning

This information is then analysed, you then receive a report detailing our findings and recommendations.

To find out more, contact our
Workforce Development Team.