Future Skillset

Future Skillset

Why is a regional Group Apprenticeship and Training organisation interested in sustainability?

Humanity is now living in ways which outstrip the capacity of Earth to provide an equitable, healthy lifestyle for future generations.

With 6.7 billion people on our earth, a number of planetary boundaries have been reached which will drive fundamental changes to the way we live and work. We are finally realising that Earth is both finite and fragile. We can’t rely on an unending supply of food, minerals and materials, or pollute for free anymore.

Finally, there’s our belief in the importance of regional Australia. We know that small and medium enterprises are the life-blood of country towns – and Australia for that matter. Everything we can do to help build the resilience of businesses by supporting their economic, social and environmental sustainability has to be a good thing.

That’s why with the help of the Federal Government we have invested in constructing a world-class green skills and sustainability centre in Bathurst.
Named The Flannery Centre, after Tim Flannery – renowned environmental advocate and 2007 Australian of the Year - the building offers state-of-the-art training facilities. It is the home of community response to global issues.

Our Vision

For life to thrive on a finite planet

Our Mission

To inspire, lead and learn our way to a positive future

Our Goals

  • To provide clarity about the issues we face
  • Assist businesses and individuals adopt sustainable practice
  • Conduct programs and offer services that increase community wellbeing