Green Tick

Green Tick

Coaching businesses for a sustainable future

In the business world, Environmental Performance and Sustainability are at a similar stage that OH&S was in the 90’s; everyone’s talking about it, most people know something about it and the switched on ones are already doing it.

Whether it’s because you are looking for a market advantage or just concerned that it’s ‘the right thing to do’, sustainability makes sense because it improves performance and profitability.

At Skillset we have worked with Green Homes Australia to develop The Green Tick of Approval; a coaching program for businesses keen on making the transition to sustainable ways of operating.

A non-threatening but rigorous process, undergoing the Green Tick will result in a business that has reduced exposure to environmental costs and increased resilience to external changes such as rapidly increasing input costs.

What is the Green Tick?

The Green Tick is an initiative of Green Homes Australia and Skillset which aims to recognise and promote businesses that are committed to improving their sustainable practice.

Who gives The Green Tick?

The Green Tick is endorsed by Skillset as one of the initiatives specifically designed to improve sustainable practice.
Skillset is also constructing the Flannery Centre with a mission to inspire, lead and learn our way to a positive future, with the goals of:
  • Providing clarity about the issues we face
  • Assist businesses and individuals to adopt sustainable practices
  • Conduct programs and offer services that increase community wellbeing

Who can apply for The Green Tick?

Any business involved in the building and construction industry can apply for The Green Tick.

Why do you need The Green Tick?

The Green Tick is not green wash. It is a coaching process for organisations that are committed to the journey to become a more competitive, environmentally friendly and sustainable business.

The Green Tick allows your organisation to show your colleagues, your clients and your competitors that you are serious about a green and sustainable Australia.