How to succeed as an Apprentice


It is really important that you do an apprenticeship in a field that you are passionate about. Research shows that to get through a 4 year apprenticeship you need a number of things to go well but above all you've got to want to be a "Tradie" in your chosen Trade.

Being a successful apprentice - what the research shows

  • An apprenticeship is more than a job, it sets you up for a life long career. But getting through can be pretty tough. So before you start make sure you're willing to stick it out.
  • Most successful apprentices know what to expect because they have friends and family who are apprentices or tradespeople.
  • Most successful apprentices really want to be a tradie, its not something they are just trying out and so they don't expect to change jobs.
  • Finding a good boss who will treat you fairly at work and deliver the on-the-job training you need is critical.