Industry Areas for Apprenticeships

Industry Areas for Apprenticeships

It's really important that you take on an apprenticeship in a field that interests you. Three to four years can be a long time if you're not committed to completing your trade.

To help you determine which Apprenticeship would best suit you, here is a list of our most popular trade areas:


The Automotive sector employs more than 270,000 people across more than 60,000 businesses and has an annual turnover of $80 billion. Find out more

Building & Construction

The Building and Construction industry encompasses trades such as Carpentry, Bricklaying and Plumbing to name a few. Find out more

Manufacturing & Engineering

There are many different branches of engineering, including electrical, mechanical, civil and chemical. Find out more

Electrical & Utilities

This industry covers all aspects of electrical, electronic, instrumentation and communication technologies. Find out more

Hospitality & Food

Hospitality is commonly defined as the provision of food, beverage, catering, gaming and accommodation services for the consumer. Find out more

Client & Services

This industry covers Hairdressing, Beauty and Retail. Find out more

For a comprehensive list of the types of Apprenticeships available, visit the State Training Services website