Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably

This course introduces participants to a range of easy-to-achieve sustainability actions: the kind of things we can all do at home and in the workplace.

It is designed to be hands-on, showing people how to do such things as sorting waste, eating local, composting, reducing energy consumption and reducing water use.

This course is designed to be done over a two hour period in a classroom and with outdoor activities. The course is flexible enough to be adapted to different groups.

Who should attend?

Skillset has developed the Sustainable Living Course to help all parts of the community gain an understanding of the issues. It also provides practical advice about how to make changes at home and in everyday life.

What will I learn?

Living Sustainably considers a range of issues in a way that is structured and apolitical. It particularly looks at what individuals and households can do to make improvements.
The focus is hands-on, with activities and demonstrations used to involve participants.
At the end of this course you can expect:
Understand the issues
Have more knowledge and skills to assist in making your life more sustainable.

For more information please contact the Training Team via email or call on 1300 853 525.