An apprenticeship is a job that allows you to combine on-the-job learning and off the job study with a registered training provider. You develop practical skills to a national standard with the aim of becoming a fully qualified tradesperson.

Apprenticeships take between three and four years to complete depending on the type of trade and the speed that you progress through it.

Employers these days look for completion of year 10 at school as a minimum. Many prefer you to have completed year 12 so that your Maths and English skills are more advanced.

Trades skills are in high demand so its a great career choice. But you need to be realistic because nationally only about 50% of apprentices complete their training. Really wanting to a be a Tradie is a good start.

Working with us to fit you in with the right host company is also really important. Which is why we assess your aptidue and commitment and match you with a business where you are likely to be able to complete your trade.

A Skillset Apprenticeship

Skillset runs a Group Apprenticeship Program where Skillset employs the apprentice or trainee and places them with a ‘host company’ that provides on-the-job training and experience.

The host company chooses which apprentices they will take using the rigorous recruitment process we provide. You have to win one of these jobs to be eligible to become a Skillset Apprentice.

Each Skillset Apprentice is assigned a 'Field Officer' who will work with them throughout their Apprenticeship to ensure that they are getting paid correctly and on time, that the training is of a high quality, that there are appropriate safety standards in place and to monitor the relationship between the Apprentice and their Host Company.

With this support Skillset Apprentices have a much higher chance of completing their trade qualifications.

Apprenticeship Industry Areas

Find out more about Apprenticeships Industry Areas with detailed explanations of each Apprenticeship.

Still after advice/information on Apprenticeships? Call our new hotline, it's open during office hours, and you will be put through to our friendly Apprentice Advisors in the first instance, who will help you with your inquiry. The number is 1300 709 533.