Recruitment service

Recruitment service

Recruiting the right people for your business can be time consuming and complex. Choosing the right staff is one of the most important decisions an employer needs to make. With a tight labour market attracting high quality candidates to your vacancy is getting harder. That’s where the recruitment service is designed to help.

How it works

Finding the right candidate that has a genuine interest and ability in the industry that you work, whilst also having the personality to ‘fit’ in your workplace essential, and we understand that.

The Recruitment Service is about finding that right person. Skillset will conduct a search across our large database of candidates, based on the selection criterion you provide; enabling us to match the right person for your business.

Skillset will assess the aptitude of the applicant, conduct an employability assessment, develop a shortlist of candidates and participate in the interview process if you wish. We will also contact unsuccessful candidates for you.

This process helps us to choose the best candidate with the right mix of aptitude, ‘stickability’ and dependability; improving the quality of "match" with your workplace requirements.

Should Skillset not have the ability to present a suitable candidate, or we present our shortlisted candidates, of which none are deemed suitable for interview – we will repeat the process again at no extra cost to you.

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