Subby Pack

Subby Pack

Skillset employs the apprentice or trainee for the duration of their Training Contract. We pay the apprentice or trainee at the national award rate (or above award if the host has an Enterprise Agreement for example). You, the host company, provide the apprentice or trainee with work and the relevant on-the-job experience so that they can complete their trade or vocational qualification.

The Subby pack is for tradies who would prefer to accrue leave payments during the 48 weeks of the year that your apprentice is not on annual leave. Skillset will pay the apprentice directly while they are on leave and we charge you a higher weekly service fee when the Apprentice is at work.

The annual cost remains the same but this means you can bill apprentice time to each of your sub contracts and not be caught footing the bill when they are on leave.

Included in this service Skillset will:

  • Arrange for a Registered Training Organisation to provide the nationally recognised training program.
  • Conduct the recruitment process for you
  • Provide you with OHS advice and support
  • Implement a supervision plan for the apprentice or trainee
  • Provide a payroll service
  • Organise the workers compensation arrangements
  • Facilitate skills rotation
  • Enable hand back of the candidate if your circumstances change

We also pay the apprentices wages when they are on annual leave under this product.

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