Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training

If getting the best out of your Apprentice of Trainee is important to you, then sign up for these new practical and effective training workshops for supervisors.

Full Training Pack

Includes all 3 courses and is aimed at supervisors of apprentices that need to learn how to motivate, engage and better understand their apprentice.

Course 1: Planning on the job training for your apprentice

Learn strategies to determine and plan alignment between theoretical learning and tasks undertaken on the job. Understand what is required when tracking the progress of the apprentice’s training package against work duties on the job.

Course 2: Managing performance for maximum return

This unit provides an understanding of effective performance management, how to structure feedback to enable high levels of skills and knowledge acquisition and how to get the most out of your apprentice by providing a good training environment.

Course 3: How to motivate your Apprentice

This delves into discussions about understanding the characteristics of Generation Y employers. Learn how to motivate young people and understand the differences between your younger and older staff.

For more information or to register for an upcoming course, please contact your Workforce Development Consultant