Voluntary Carbon Offsets

Voluntary Carbon Offsets

Over the last 18 months Skillset has established a voluntary carbon offset project in the mountains of Timor Leste.

Working with the communities around Laclubar we have established six community nurseries and planted 62,000 trees over 38 community sites.

We employ a team of four staff in Timor Leste, Alex Sarmento is our project manager based in Dili, and Maria De Silva runs our project team in Laclubar.

The aim of the project is three fold:

  • Reduce poverty amongst rural farming communities by improving land use and paying farmers to plant and maintain trees.
  • Reforest areas prone to landslides and soil degradation
  • Reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide through tree planting and soil improvement

We've also collaborated with the Friends of Laclubar to build a three classroom extension to the high school in Laclubar and provided scholarships to impoverished local students. Improving educational outcomes for young women is a powerful way of reducing poverty and addressing the soaring birthrate. Providing farming families with a modest cash income to supplement their subsistence lifestyles also makes a big impact on reducing poverty.

If you or your business would like to become a sponsor of one of the tree planting sites
click here and we will send you a supporter’s pack.

Click here to download "An invitation to be radical" - a whitepaper prepared by Peter and Sally Taylor with assistance from Ben Bardon.