Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Workforce Development: Recruitment, Retention and Succession

The Workforce Development Team exists to add value to our customers. From simple inquiries to developing a full workforce development plan, your Workforce Development Consultant is here to assist your organisation.

Workforce Planning is considered to be one of the keys to an organisation successfully recruiting, training and retaining employees. We believe good service is looking at the big picture and delivering options. Local government has already mandated Workforce Development Plans and are busily implementing them now.

In the near future, to qualify for some of the government incentives that are available to assist your organisation train it's staff, you will need an approved workforce development plan.

Skillset has been participating in the workforce development of organisations and building the careers of individuals in our region for a long time now. The creation of the Workforce Development Team is a formalisation of what Skillset has been doing in the community all along. The difference is that we now offer our customer one point of contact to understand our full range of products and services.

If you're interested in developing your organisation's workforce, Skillset can assist you in considering and implementing the key elements of a good workforce development plan.

Simply contact your local
Workforce Development Consultant to guide you through this free, no obligation process.